Cowboy land

by Ken tomsett

I was I Darwin in 1965 ...memories ;
No TV .... only entertainment was the local nurses at the hospital

Police on horses charging down the main road and bar fights with guys flying backward through the swing doors ...

Going to a party any night in private houses ... just turn up having heard a barbi was on and pay a few bucks for the steak and stubby

One guy turning up with a ball and chain padlocked to his ankle

Picking up an Abo Gin girl outside the don bamboo bar covered in blood ... ausi guy tells me to put her back in the gutter because she will follow me home if I help her ( I still helped her and she didn’t follow me home )

All the Abo females were called Gins ....

Funny trucks with the indicators being big metal arms with a glove on the end

Ice cream parkour in middle of knowhere...

Diving out of high trees into a lake

Bombing runs in RAF UK an aircraft

Having a great time

Ps. The term Gin was not considered derogatory .... it’s just what everybody said

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