Since March 2020 life as we know it has changed forever due to the infectious, deadly coronavirus COVID-19

Darwin is currently fighting to prevent the spread of this disease with almost every aspect of normal life affected.

As governments everywhere restrict everything from international travel to any local activities which allow the virus to spread,  only essential and necessary activities are permitted.

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Crocs escape and hate 4 cops

by Nikita dA wombat

My name is Nikita and I live on da streets for 6 years. I love Darwin. I believe federal gov have made all effort to bullshit us and increez krok Population so they eat us live when we bush sleep or wash our limited belongings in Pacific Ocean waters. All programs to protect crocs are just cover to fight us - vulnerable peaceful no roof dudes.

Croc don’t eat me
I m a man of gud
I help others
Lived life I should.

No sex for 2 year
Cuz cops spike my food
I have lost my hope
I feed no gud

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