Darwin was a great place 1959-63

by Di

Lived on the RAAF base, first in an old donga where geckos ran over the metal bed head at night, once mum scooped a scorpion into the copper fire, as it wandered through our home. There was a gap at the bottom of the walls of the donga so you could just hose through.

Lady across the road had a snake in her kitchen cupboard, all part of life in the territory. We moved next to half a corrugated igloo house, with fruit trees that would have the fruit bats busy at night. There was so much koonai grass, (taller than a man), this would be burnt off every now n then, that would upset the snakes!

Finally we moved to a brand new stilt house on the base it was amazing. We have 500 b/w slides of our time in Darwin n travelling through central Australia in a Morris minor, 3 kids in the back n Mum n Dad in the front. The time we travelled on the old Ghan n the air conditioning broke down because it was too hot. Our trip in the Morris to Jedda country, the road was all dirt n big rocks.
Amazing stuff.

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