Darwin Ship Photos

Dawn on Darwin Harbour

Dawn on Darwin Harbour

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Darwin Ship Photos taken of cruise ships, bulk carriers, navy ships and assorted cargo ships sailing Darwin Harbour.

A bulk carrier takes liquified
natural gas on a regular voyage to Japan.
bulk liquified gas carrier
Early morning reflections.

Aurora and pilot vessel Mathew Flinders
Aurora and pilot vessel Mathew Flinders

Mathew Flinders
Mathew Flinders

Saga Rose
The Saga Rose 24,474 tons is a classic cruising vessel with a royal blue hull, white upper works, a well balanced buff funnel and has a very pleasing well rounded profile.
She has plenty of open decks for sunbathing and lots of nooks and crannies for privacy. There is also a complete wrap around promenade deck for that early morning walk.

Cruise ship and yacht

Ship Lights at Darwin wharf Shipping in Darwin Harbour

Darwin is an active port with frequent visits by cruise ships, survey ships, the Australian Navy and the US Navy.

An ambitious development plan for the port which includes a major conference facility and upgraded facilities for cruise ships should see an increase in both the volume and value of commerce through the Darwin Port.

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