Darwins Living History

Darwin's living history makes fascinating reading, a picture of early outback Australian life as told by the people who were there.

The NT General Store stands bravely amongst surrounding modern high-rise buildings.

A favourite of campers and back-packers, the store still gives a hint of the real outback flavour of Darwin City before recent city developments changed the skyline for ever.

Read the stories of the people who were here before the big developers and remember a very different Darwin, a much more relaxed and rural town.

A brief Timeline of Darwins History

Tell us about your time in Darwin or the NT

The history books only ever tell part of the story, it's the living memories of people who were there which bring the history to life.

If you lived or worked here, or even just visited the area, your experiences and impressions are valuable information that will tell us, and future generations, what earlier days were really like.

Memories of Darwin and the Top End

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Good memories as a kid in Darwin 
First went to Darwin as a six year old in 1956. Like a lot of families at the time, the family lived in a caravan on Mindil Beach. Directly under the old …

Life at Nightcliff High School, 1972 
I attended Nightcliff High School in 1972. It was not a particularly good time for me. I had better fun working part time at Top End Radio and TV …

Take me back. 
I was born in Darwin in 1963, my father was in the RAAF. We moved back to Darwin in 1970 and was there until just before Christmas 1974. Missed the …

Rod Young "My short time in Darwin 1972" 
I drove a truck for short time in Darwin 1972 for a company owned by two men in their early 30's, Boland and Boyle. ( Often wondered where they are now). …

Darwin 1967 to 1971 
I served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1965 - 1974. My first time in Darwin was being one of the crew that brought HMAS Attack (Patrol Boat) to Darwin …

ABC radio technology 1971 
ABC radio tech helps confirm differential howl in 1971 Volvo My wife and I left Perth in early 1972 for a 7 month round Australia camping trip …

Darwin through the eyes of a teenager. 
My family moved to Darwin in 1970, I was in first year high school. We moved from Adelaide to Darwin, my father was to be the new Assistant Sales Manager …

Here is 9SLK Nourlangie is anybody listening? (My radio code) My name is Flemming Jensen and I was born in 1946 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm out …

Fond Memories of Darwin 
I was born in 1953 at the old Darwin Hospital and lived there until I finished school at the end of 1970. My parents met in Darwin. My mother was working …

Were You in Darwin When? 
Were you a student at Darwin Primary School at Frog's Hollow in 1956 or 57 when the steam engine was placed in the playground to play on? Do you remember …

Born and Bred 
My parents came to Darwin in 1949 and I was born in the old Darwin Hospital in 1950. At that time my parents lived in a Sidney Williams hut at Larakeyah. …

Ice skating at Nightcliff 
I've lived in Darwin since 1964, except for 2 years in Katherine. Some friends and I were chatting the other day, and as Casuarina Shopping Centre has …

Living in the Staff Village Royal Darwin Hospital 
Best time of my life was when I lived in the Northern Territory -Royal Darwin Hospital & living in the Staff Village. I had initially gone to …

Cowboy land Not rated yet
I was I Darwin in 1965 ...memories ; No TV .... only entertainment was the local nurses at the hospital Police on horses charging down the main road …

Darwin 1956 Not rated yet
Hi My name is Alan, my parents came to Darwin in 1955 from Bowen NQ, I was born 1956 - Darwin Hospital. My father worked for the Dept of Civil Aviation …

The best place to grow up Not rated yet
Moved to Darwin in the late 60s. Lived in Carey street above the old Railway yards. What a fantastic place for a child to explore. Went to the old …

Lameroo Beach 1973 Not rated yet
My mate & I hitchhiked to Darwin mid 1973 and found THE place to stay was Lameroo Beach. Camping was free (tho not according to the town council!), …

Did Peter steal a yacht? Not rated yet
I lived and worked in Darwin - George Cres Fanny Bay and Henry St Stuart Park and at Jabiru when it was just a mining camp - 1973-74. I met a man called …

The old Banyan Tree  Not rated yet
Born in Darwin in 1965 and have lived here ever since. My fondness memory of growing up in this period was the carefree and easy going life that was …

Wickham Detention Centre Not rated yet
For three years 2012-2015 I have been in Darwin first living in The Gardens - it was so expensive! After the first 12 months I bought a caravan and moved …

Peter Daniel remembers the good old days Not rated yet
Peter Daniel remembers the good old days and his old friend David Denton I remember Darwin primary playing on the red train. Nightcliff school, Rapid …

PARAP THEATRE Not rated yet
Hi there Graeme is my name I recently found an open air photo of the old Parap ww2 Theatre in an album after my dad came home from DARWIN in 1945

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Alawa Crescent under constructionAlawa Crescent under construction in the early 70's or late 60's.

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