Common Garden Birds in Darwin

Common garden birds photographed in suburban Darwin including doves, finches, fig birds, honey eaters and lorrikeets.

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With plenty of water available to keep tropical gardens green, birds of all sorts are attracted to the housing areas as well as the public gardens and parks.

Figbird in Palm tree
The Northern variety of the Figbird has bright yellow plumage
Yellow Tailed Black CockatooYellow tail cockatoo flying
Black cockatoo's are frequent visitors, flashing their brilliant yellow tails in flight.

cockatoo in Darwin Gardensulphur_crested_cockatoo
Sulphur-Crested cockatoos visit from time to time, feeding on seeds, berries,nuts and roots.

collared dove bronze collared dove
A cockatiel looks out on a brilliant green visitor attracted by a free lunch. Thanks to Claire for identifying this as an Indian Ringneck, a popular cage bird introduced into Australia. Maybe this one escaped?
Male Red-winged Parrot

This pair of Red-winged Parrots was photographed just behind the University.
Red-winged Parrot

bronze collared doveBar-shouldered Dove

lapwing ploverMasked Lapwing

garden quail Red-Backed Button-Quail
 a warbler enjoys a dip under a garden sprinkler This tiny bird enjoys a shower under a garden sprinkler.

Possibly a Green-backed Warbler - they seldom sit still for long enough to get a good look.

garden birds Dove and
Double-barred Finch
garden birds Another Darwin Finch - photographed in the bushes alongside Rapid Creek.

Can anyone help with an ID?
feeding birds(Left)Flock of Grey-Crowned Babblers feeding on the grass in Nightcliff -
nectar bird
Helmeted Friarbird
Black Butcherbird
Black Butcherbird
Olive-Backed Oriole
Olive-Backed Oriole
Little Friarbird
Little Friarbird
Brown Honeyeater
Maybe a Brown Honeyeater/ - any ID help appreciated.

See more of Darwins Birds and some of the water birds often seen in the creeks and tidal areas around the suburbs.

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