Fogg Dam Birds and Crocodiles

Visit Fogg Dam to see the wildlife of the floodplains and wetlands of the Northern Territory.

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Located about an hours drive from Darwin on the Arhnem Highway, this conservation park is alive with birds, water pythons, dusky rats and crocodiles. The rats and pythons are nocturnal, so are rarely seen by daytime visitors.

The Fogg Dam Field Day has something for all the family. There's bird walks, a butterfly walk, talks on water pythons and cane toads and much much more. For the kids, there are a couple of treasure hunts, which expose some of the secrets of this remarkable area. Engage with the traditional owners and learn about their culture and history, and tag-a-long on the bush tucker walk.(ph 8988 5599 for more info)

This crocodile appeared suddenly to bask
on the bank while we were watching the birds.

These ducks and a darter drying it's wings hardly seemed to notice the croc at all. Ducks at Fogg Dam
A black crow landed in a tree just a few feet away and aggressively made it disapproval of our presence felt. Black Crow
A short distance away two jabiru strutted along the bank.Two Jabiru at Fogg Dam
Magpie geese stand amid their own reflections in the shallow water.Water birds reflections
A small viewing platform stands on the causeway to allow visitors to watch the displays of lilies and birds .Causeway viewing platform
Large flocks of magpie geese, ducks and ibis form as birds congregate at feeding sites.Flocks of water birds at Fogg Dam

The Dam has now been delared a Heritage Site. If you are interested in helping maintain this unique NT Enivionment, see Friends of Fogg Dam

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