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Small Business Website Builder

Profitable websites for small business.

Did you say you are looking for a small business website builder?

Or are you really looking for a business builder website?

My best guess is you are only looking for a website builder because you want to build or improve a business by connecting with all those people who use the internet.

And you are right, businesses that have learned how to utilize the internet gain enormous benefits. We see their success stories in the media all the time.

Small business website development can be effective without being expensive. 

The days of having to be a programming guru or needing the cash reserves of News Ltd to benefit from the internet are long gone. Thousands of small businesses worldwide are using the internet to strengthen existing business or build new business online. 

A business builder website will allow you to;

  • Reach more customers.
  • Diversify into new products.
  • Build trust with existing customers.
  • Provide much more information to customers.
  • Maintain contacts through email and ezines.
  • Build your status as a leading business.

This requires much more than just a simple brochure style website.

Fortunately there are programs and tools available to do all this quite cheaply and efficiently. Some of the best are listed here.

However it does take a lot of time and experience to bring all the necessary parts together and produce an effective business building website.

The alternative is to use Ken Evoy's Sitebuildit which is widely recognised as the best online business builder on the web. It brings together all the tools you need and seemlessly integrates them into a powerful system.  In fact Sitebuildit utilizes the best stand-alone programs available, programs like WordTracker, Dreamweaver, Google adwords and many more, along with it's own proprietry data bases and applications, to provide a complete business building system.

If you're not familiar with these programs, a good analogy might be a motor vehicle. When we buy a car we know that the gearbox, the brakes or the windscreen  might  be manufactured by another company, but we'll judge the vehicle by the way all the parts work together in the final product.

Ok, so how much does this cost, and how do I use it?

The Sitebuildit program, including 12 months hosting, domain registration and all it's other features, costs just $299.00. To me this is a steal, and the best value you will find anywhere. In fact if you think there is better value somewhere, please send me your link and I'll buy the program on the spot. But please don't just send me some $5 webhosting company, I will check your offer feature for feature and benefit for benefit in a comparison with Sitebuildit.

There are several options for using Sitebuildit to build your business;

  • Simply buy the program and follow the extensive printed and video instructions to build your own web business. Extra help is provided through special forums, a responsive support team and volumes of courses and e-books on anything to do with building business online.

  • Take the SiteSell Education course "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" which is being offered by a growing number of Universities and colleges in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • Professional webmasters at Sitesell Services are able to build and maintain your website for a fixed contract price.
  • Contact me to arrange an assistance package to get your site up and running quickly and with minimum fuss, with the aim of maintaining it yourself over the long term.

If you have any questions ask an existing SBI user. I'm sure they will be happy to tell you their personal experience with the program.

"Around 2003 I heard about SBI. Then, in early 2005, I REALLY discovered it. Since then I've converted most of my clients' and my own sites over to SBI."
Don Coggan
Webmaster, Canada

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