Charles Darwin National Park

Charles Darwin National Park is a new Australian National Park within the city named after Charles Darwin and on the edge of the harbour named after him.

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Extensive mangroves and foreshore are protected from development by the park
Important mangroves and foreshore are protected by the park.

Although not very large campared to national parks such as Kakadu or Litchfield, this area is an important part of the wetland and woodland systems of Port Darwin.

Port Darwin is a large and diverse wetland with thirty-six of the N.T.'s 51 mangrove species occurring in its system of inlets, islands and bays.

Situated right next to housing and industrial areas, the Park lies on Frances Bay, and includes the bank of Sadgroves Creek, Reichardt Creek and part of Blessers Creek.

The Larrakia people speak for this land. Aboriginal people have used the land for thousands of years and the numerous shell middens show it was an important food source.

As with most of Darwin, the area was part of the defense preparations and facilities during World War 11 and most of the ammunition bunkers that were built here during this period are still present. Many of the network of walking and cycling tracks throughout the park also have their origins in this period.
A display of WW11 photo's and information is open in the Park from 8am - 5pm daily.

This is an interesting park with a spectacular view of Darwin CBD, lots of walking and cycling tracks,shaded BBQ picnic facilities and is very close to the city. MAKE SURE YOU BRING INSECT REPELLANT ! - this is genuine mangrove wetland country and at times the Midges can be a problem. They breed in the intertidal zones in the mangroves and are usually worst at sunrise and sunset.

Entrance to Charles Darwin National Park
The entrance to Charles Darwin National Park with an old ammunition bunker.

Ammunition Bunker Display
Further into the park another ammunition bunker is used to display items from WW11 and the bombing of Darwin.
Darwin view from Park
From the top of a small hill a viewing platform gives a good view of Darwin over the mangroves.
Shade and picnic facilities
Picnic facilities and shade are available for use by the public - Don't forget the insect spray.

Take a stroll along the Mangrove Boardwalk at East Point to see the Darwin Mangrove Ecosystem at close range.

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