Booking Darwin Accommodation

Booking your Darwin accommodation can be done online with most of the larger hotels and backpacker inns. Smaller bed & breakfast guest houses need to be contacted directly.

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At the height of the tourist season literally every room can be filled for days on end.

In the wet season we see TV ads for "mates rates" to entice locals to spend a night or two relaxing in a hotel room.

If you are visiting between May and August, it's probably best to book well in advance.

Some internet sites provide discounts for last minute bookings, which might be OK if you have no fixed itinerary, a bit chancy if you are flying in and out on particular days.

It pays to shop around - sometimes one website will say there are no vacancies, while another can still show rooms available.
This is because the hotels tend to allocate a certain number of rooms to each site.

Most also have their own independent in-house booking service too, so it definitely pays to look around.

The top image from shows rooms available (dark green) while a similar search at shows most of the same hotels fully booked (grey) over the same period.

Save time by using the Hotels Combined Search program that searches most of the booking services for you with one easy search.

Darwin accommodation bookings for July

Booked Accommodation for same dates.

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