Preparing for your long haul flight
to Australia

787 Boeing
Long Range Boeing 787
(14,800 to 15,750 kilometers)

A long haul flight can mean many hours in a plane, even just within Australia, so some preparation to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable is a good idea.

New long range planes will keep us in the air longer with fewer stop overs.

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Avoid last minute rush

It's all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of a coming holiday and forget to rest and eat well before your journey. You will travel better if you are rested and feeling good at the beginning of the flight, remember to eat healthy meals and avoid junk foods and alcohol which can upset your digestion when you are sitting for hours.

Rest before you travel

I inevitably find myself missing sleep before a long flight, and then can't sleep properly duing the flight. You'll probably find you do sleep on the plane but somehow don't get the same refreshing rest that you need. If you are passing several time zones, try to adjust to the destination time zone while you are flying.

Remember the water

Drinking water rather than soft drinks or alcohol can help prevent dehydration in the air-conditioned atmosphere of a plane. Again it's easy to forget your normal drinking habits, so it pays to be aware and make sure you do drink enough.

Movement helps

On todays planes it is easy to keep moving , even if you simply stand or walk around occasionally. Sitting for many hours without a break increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis and can leave muscles feeling ramped and sore. Stretching and walking will keep the blood flowing, sitting with your legs crossed and still for long periods is not good for the blood flow.

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