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Darwin Homeless
A Survival Guide

A guide for Darwin homeless people, written with their help, as a survival guide for homelessness whether you are homeless by choice or through circumstances.

Homeless Charities and Services in Darwin

Darwin has the highest rate of homelessness of any city in Australia, with an estimated two to three thousand people living rough at any one time.

This is at least partly because of a very tight rental market, with limited accommodation available and high rental costs.

Many workers and homeless people themslves don't know the full extent of all the work being done on homeless issues, that is on the street feeding, health and hygeine programs, housing issues, drug and alcohol programs, accommodation and employment programs.

This website page is about personalities, people, ideas and values and could serve as stimulus and/or connnections for volunteers, homeless workers and other interested people.

Living Homeless in Darwin

If you have experience of a homeless lifestyle you can tell your story here.

Your story might help others survive or improve their life, or help people understand more of the issues that some face in their lives.

We are trying create a network of people - homeless, workers, volunteers, friends, community, rich and poor, housed and unhoused.

Your stories, opinions and art all contribute to our community.

Read stories by Darwin's homeless here..

Click the links to read the experiences and opinions of the homeless.

Music for Refugees 
Music instrument collection for refugees in Darwin I am a volunteer music teacher at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney, having been involved …

Homeless living in Darwin 
I feel like a disorganised sponge, Who runs all over like a homeless bum, A homeless bum with a homeless mind, I sense his direction but I'm cold and …

Someone that still looks oky. Not rated yet
I will give you some VERY important information that will allow you to live on the streets and be safe and healthy. I have been living on the streets …

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