Tiwi Street Names

Tiwi Street names are largely taken from the names of pastoral properties (stations) in the Northern Territory.

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Tiwi Beach track to walk or ride to the sea
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Dripstone Middle School is the prominent feature of this residential suburb located between the hospital, Trower Rd. and the Casuarina Beach.
In 1974 when Cyclone Tracy destroyed much of Darwin this was one of the new suburban areas being developed as the city grew.

The Casuarina Coastal Reserve can be accessed by road and walking tracks from Rocklands Drive and the Hospital area and is a popular recreation area for Darwin people.

Street Name Origin of Street Name
Annaburroo Crescent Annaburroo is the Aboriginal word for Buffalo, given to Annaburroo Station by F W L Leichhart
Beetaloo Street Named after Beetaloo Station one of the early pastoral properties in the Newcastle Waters area, which in turn was named after Beetaloo in South Australia
Calvert Street Calvert Hills Station, which was first leased in 1893 and named after James Calvert, one of the men in F W L Leichhart's 1844-45 expedition.
Creswell Street Creswell Downs Station, a property in the barkly Tablelands which was first leased in 1882 and named after Sir William Rooke Creswell who visited the area in 1883 with Ernest Favenc
Delamere Street Delamere Station, first settled in 883 by Alfred Giles for the owner Dr W Browne
Dorisvale Crescent Dorisvale Station, which was originally named after Doris, the wife of Arthur Hugh Wilson who spent many years in the area
Erldunda Street Erldunda Station in the Alice Springs region, which was first taken up in 1884 by R E Warburton
Glencoe Crescent Named after Glencoe Station, the first pastoral station in the Top End which was stocked in 1879. It is now called Ban Ban Station.
Henbury Avenue Henbury Station which was first leased in 1877 by Parke and Walker and named after Henbury Hall in Dorset
Jinka Street Jinka Station, which was first leased in the late 1950's after the break up of Huckitta Station
Kapalga Street Named after an old mission station on the South Aligator River whichlater became a pastoral company.
Koolpinyah Crescent Koolpinyah Station which was first leased in 1908 by the Herbert Brothers.
Manbulloo Street Manbulloo Station in the Katherine region
Marrakai Street Marrakai Station on the Adelaide River which was first leased in 1884
Rocklands Drive Rocklands Station in the Barkly Tablelands, a pastoral property first leased in 1884
Roper Street After Roper Valley Station in the Roper River region, which was named after John Roper, one of the men in F W L Leichhart's 1844-45 expedition.
Tiwi Gardens
Tiwi Place
Named after the Aboriginal people of Melville and Bathurst Islands
Trower Road Named after Horace Trower who was Chief Lands Officer and Director of Lands for the Northern Territory 1917-21
Undoolya Street Undoolya Station in the Alice Springs area, first leased in 1872
Veldt Court Veldt Station near Mataranka which was leased by J H Guild in 1927 but became part of Beswick and Mataranka Stations in 1947
Wangalara Street Wangalara Station was first leased by Andrew Broad in the early 1880's, but which is now part of Arnhem Land.
Willeroo Street Willeroo Station, first leased in 1897 by Tom Pearce

The name Tiwi comes from the word Tunuvivi which was the original name of the Aboriginal people of Melville and Bathurst Island.

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