Starting a Garden in Darwin

Find ideas for starting a garden in Darwin at the Botanic gardens, Community gardens, Open gardens and nurseries before you start.

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Gardens flourish in the sunshine and abundant water available in Darwin, helping make it one of the greenest cities in Australia.

welcome ceremony at Alawa SchoolWelcome Ceremony at Alawa School Farm

Gardening has also been recognised as an important educational activity, and primary schools are being helped to establish gardens to provide experience for children in many schools around Australia.
The Alawa Primary school established a school farm in 2004 and last year became a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program Demonstration School.

There are many commercial nurseries around Darwin which can supply seeds and plants for your garden which will grow well in the climatic conditions here.

The George Brown Botanical Gardens are located just out of the Darwin CBD in Gardens Road. Take a wander through to enjoy and also see how those little seedlings in the nurseries will develop as they grow.

Another source of inspiration for your garden could be the private gardens which open their doors once a year to help the Open Garden Project

There are also several community gardens which can help if you don't have available land to begin a garden

FoodCare NT is a community group which has meetings, film screenings and awareness nights and distributes information to their membership list. Join in the fun and learn as you go.
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FoodCare NT

Enthusiastic gardeners can also take the Darwin Permaculture Design Course to understand permaculture in its essence and how it applies to all aspects of our lives, our food production and our environment. The next course runs from 12th to 24th July 2010.

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