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Alawa Street Names

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Many Alawa Street names remember people killed during the Japanese Bombing raids on Darwin and others killed during the war. The name Alawa itself comes from the name of an aboriginal tribe in the Roper River area.

Darwin Post Office destroyed in 1942
Darwin Post Office in 1942

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Lakeside Drive AlawaLakeside Drive Alawa

A man-made lake was planned for this low lying area at one stage of the development of Alawa - hence the name Lakeside Drive for the road running along the edge of this area.

A community garden, open spaces and sports ovals now occupy the area between the Rapid Creek tidal mangroves and Lakeside Drive.

Alawa Street Names

Origin of Street Name

Alawa Crescent
Alawa Lane

Alawa is the name of an aboriginal tribe inhabiting an area around the southern tributaries of the Roper River.

Alice Street
Bald Circuit

Mrs Alice Bald wife of Hurtle Bald, Postmaster of Darwin. Both were killed, along with their two daughters, during a Japanese bombing raid on 19th February 1942.

Arthur Street

Arthur Wellington was one of the post office staff killed by bombs on 19th February 1942.

Britomart Gardens

HMS Britomart commanded by Captain Owen Stanley 1838-39. This ship was involved in the establishment of Victoria Settlement at Port Essington on the Cobourg Peninsula.

Davern Street

Keith Davern was on the SS Zealandia which was sunk in Darwin Harbour in 1941

Dripstone Road

Named after the coastal Dripstone Caves.

Eileen Street

Eileen c Mullen was a post office employee killed in the bombing on 19th February 1942.

Emily Gardens
Young Street

Emily Young was another post office employee killed in the bombing on 19th February 1942.

Eric Street
Scriven Street

Lieut Col Eric Gordon Bennett Scriven of the Royal Engineers was killed on active service in Timor on 30th June 1941

Forbes Street
Stedcombe Street
Watson Street

Joe Forbes was on the brig Stedcombe which was associated with the early settlement at Fort Dundas on Melville Island in 1824. He was the only survivor when the crew of the Stedcombe was overpowered and murdured in the Indonesian Islands. He was kept as a slave until rescued in about 1840 by Captain Tom Watson commanding the Essington.

Gove Street

Pilot Officer William Gove served with the RAAF in the Darwin area. He was killed on 20th April 1943

Halls Street

Archibald Halls was another post office employee killed in the bombing on 19th February 1942.

Henry Ellis Street

The ship Henry Ellis brought the first Northeren Territory expedition to Escape Cliffs (the first of three Northern Territory towns to bear the name of Palmerston) under Govt. Resident BT Finniss from Adelaide in 1864

Hurtle Street

Hurtle C Bald was Postmaster of Darwin, Killed when the Post Office was destroyed by bombs on 19th February 1942

Iris Street

Iris Bald, one of the Postmaster's daughters, killed in the bombing on 19th February 1942

Jean Street

Jean Mullen was a telephonist at the Darwin Post Office, Killed when the Post Office was destroyed by bombs on 19th February 1942

Lakeside Drive

Named in expectation an artificial lake would be built on land beside the road.

Mullen Gardens
Mullen Place

The two sisters Eileen and Jean Mullen, both killed during the Japanese bombing raid.

Pett Street

Mrs Pett was the schoolmistress of old Palmerston between 1900 and 1905

Stasinowsky Street

Miss Jennie Stasinowsky was another of the Post Office staff killed during the Japanese bombing raid.

Stobo Crescent

Robert Henry Stobo was Deck Cadet on the MV Neptunia and was Killed by Japanese bombs when the Neptunia was sunk in Darwin Harbour.

Styles Street

Named after Tom Styles, an early Territory Miner associated with mines at Yam Creek, Brock Creek and Pine Creek.

Trower Road

Horace M Trower, appointed Chief Lands Officer and Director of Lands for the Northern Territory 1917-21

Wellington Parade

Arthur Wellington, another of the Post Office staff killed during the Japanese bombing raid in February 1942.

Alawa Community GardenAlawa Community Garden beside Lakeside Drive

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