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Cape Otway Lightstation, Australia's Oldest, Surviving Lighthouse

by Alice Mayer

Cape Otway Lightstation

Cape Otway Lightstation

The historical and well-preserved CAPE Otway Lightstation is the oldest still standing lighthouse in mainland Australia.

The lighthouse itself has been in its constant and continuous operation since 1848 which is alighted on predominating sea cliffs where Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean clash. After many months at sea, thousand of immigrants who had braved the oceans for many months in order to make a new start in this promised land claimed that Cape Otway was their first sight of earth soil after leaving the Europe. The Great Southern Ocean is known for its malevolent approach to ships and men sometimes.

When you decide to venture through the Great Otway National Park to Cape Otway, you will see and behold some of Victoria’s most distant and abundant rainforest, with its seaward scenery and mainland Australia’s oldest surviving lighthouse. You can also see there the beautiful Johanna Beach where the high cliffs border the crystal clear sandy beach and the unbelievably prominent Blanket Bay. The world renowned lighthouse is the main attraction of the Great Ocean Road, and the sceneries within the Lightstation grounds is just a plus factor for the entire vicinity. You will come to see glorious forests when you take a short detour from the Great Ocean Road. There you can see a bunch of koalas.

Tracing back to its early history, there was said to be hundreds of people who were lost and unrecovered in shipwrecks off Cape Otway. It was a lugubrious yet an interesting and remarkable history which created the idea of putting up a Lightstation in the foothills of the dense forests of the place. The Lightstation district was acknowledged as the traditional abode for the Gadubanud people where the resourceful Aboriginal clan dwells.
Moreover, you can immerse yourself in the extraordinary history of the lighthouse keepers, watch whales that enjoyably play, and explore through the mystery of Cape Otway’s natural beauty for a couple of hours or stay in a heritage accommodation. Hence, the Cape Otway Lightstation is after all popular as one of the major tourist attractions along the entire Great Ocean Road. It is not really as much as expensive as you think to indulge in this extraordinary kind of adventure. In fact it is one of the top must sees within the region. There are many available tours that prioritize and deeply digs on their history which includes the many shipwrecks that happened in this particular area. Once you are in the Lighthouse, so many details will be shared that you will find yourself getting more interested as you pore over.

If you intend to go on a trip to the Cape Otway Lightstation, as part of your big clamor for a successful and meaningful travel, you will then be needing a good and comfortable accommodation to provide you with relation and the given basic needs that you need daily. Accordingly, you can choose to stay in the heritage accommodation at the Lighthouse if you wish to. Also you can use different services, like to choose cheap hotel or apartments. There are a variety of options such as the Head Lighthouse Keeper’s House, the Lighthouse Keeper’s Bed and Breakfast or the Managers House. Staying here would mean preparing for something different and unique. You will have to be exposed to the undeniably stunning views over the Southern Ocean. It is an advantage to have your trip here in a good weather because by this, you will be able to see the very attractive sunset as the day ends. When you wake up in the morning, you will also hear the sounds of the whooshing wind as it blows the waves breaking on the rocks beneath it. You will be more amazed about how nature astoundingly make things whimsical and spectacular. You will then suddenly feel and experience how it was living here thousands of years ago.

To pore over the bounty of this place, it is also an extra factor to have the Cape Otway Lightstation being situated to take in all the local attractions in this portion of the world. This, indeed shall be included in the list of your itinerary when taking a tour in Australia. It is recommended a stop while touring through the Great ocean Road and is absolutely worth a day to explore, see and discover. The tales and the stories of the mysterious Lighthouse shall be shared thoroughly by a knowledgeable guide or from the folks accountable of the rich history of the iconic structure.

The lighthouse is fascinating and the view is panoramic. There is a specific time intended for walking up the lighthouse so it would do best if you arrive earlier. Furthermore, you can enjoy the walk around and have a satisfying meal over a small café that serves cakes and drinks if you feel hungry or thirsty.

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Sep 29, 2015
by: Paul

Wow…! Really amazing! I have heard a lot about Cape Otway Lightstation and I am waiting for a better opportunity to visit this place as soon as possible. I heard that Cape Otway Lightstation has an important story related with the long back history of this place.

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