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Dance for Your Health - Suitable for All Ages.

by Victor O'Donnell

Today more than ever we are all advised that one of the most important things in life is to get adequate exercise both of physical kind and the mental kind. This is even more important as one progresses in life.

One way to achieve this is be a dancer as one can start and learn to dance at any time in your life. Dancing can be carried on through all stages of life, people up to 100 years of age can still be dancing.

All one needs to participate is the inclination, shoes and some where to dance.

To dance for your health a suitable floor is needed to have suitable space to accommodate participants and be of a suitable material. History has shown that wooden floors are best for this purpose (there is many today who think that dancers damage the wooden floors but this cannot be so as wood has been used for floors for hundreds of years).

Note: It is very obvious today that architects do not understand what is required of a floor for dancing as most new constructions only have a token size area - areas are needed that can accommodate up to 30 couples.

Note: Wooden floors are preferred to dance upon as they are easier on ones legs and feet.

The biggest stumbling block today is availability of a suitable floors to dance. Today there is becoming less floors available which are satisfactory for dancing as they come under pressure for other uses.

In the Nightcliff area an improvement to existing facilities is required -

1 - Nightcliff Sports Club could better cater if the dance floor was to be enlarged

2 - Coconut Grove Community Center would be more suitable if the floor was changed to wood.

3 - Nightcliff Community Center has a wooden floored hall presently used by " Corrugated Iron Theater " but may be able to be used by others if it was to be air conditioned.

Note: Commercial premises do not seem to want to cater for dancing as they feel that there space can be better used for other things.

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