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Florence Falls Jump

by Jim

Florence Falls Jump

Florence Falls Jump

Florence Falls is one of the best swimming spots in Litchfield - it's hard to imagine a prettier, more relaxing place to spend an afternoon.

On a recent visit we saw some young men & women risking their lives jumping from the rocks close to the top of the falls into the deep water at the base of the waterfall.

It's hard to visualise just how high this is simply from the photo, and over the years a number of accidents at various waterfalls around the territory have shown just how risky it is.

The jump itself might be fairly safe- if you know how to do that sort of thing - the slippery rocks are the danger. Covered in slimy algae and mosses, just walking on them anywhere near the edge is a risk.

While a controlled jump might provide a great adrenalin rush, there is too much chance of a slip resulting in an uncontrolled fall.

There is a set of stairs which provides safe access to the bottom of the falls with it's shady creek and cool, clear swimming water.

There is also a viewing platform at the top of the path, allowing a clear view of the falls and the waterholes leading back up from the falls.

It takes a while to descend all the stairs, so we always allow at least half a day for a swim here, but it's well worth the effort.

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