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Inpex Village Howard Springs

by Vic
(Humpty Doo)

Inpex Construction Workers Village

Inpex Construction Workers Village

Why destroy a fully operational complex Such As Howard Springs Inpex Village.
For many years there were rumors as to what would finally take place with the “Inpex Construction Camp at Howard Springs” at the completion of the Inpex Project as it was a very large facility.

A recent newsletter received from local Politician Gerry Wood had an article concerning the “Construction Camp” used by the workers during the construction of the “Inpex Gas Plant”.
Apparently this camp has been handed back to the Northern Territory Government at no cost.

This handing over has apparently caused some concern within the Government as to how it should be used such as follows -

1 – demolish and restore land to original condition.

2 – sell in parts.

3 – sell as one unit for a little of its value

4 – use as a community facility

5 – use as community accommodation

6 – some individuals only looking at ways they could make a personal gain

Surely with a property of such a size and type a use must be found for it that would benefit all Territorians now and into the future.

On having some discussions with my friends on this matter we felt that a use as a going concern could be made as follows -

The “Inpex Construction Camp, Howard Springs” be given to “Charles Darwin University” in its entity to be created as “Inpex Howard Springs Live In Campus” for many & all subjects of a modern university.

NOTE: Such a setup could be commenced tomorrow by a member of the “Charles Darwin University Administration” moving in and taking control of the fully operational complex and start planning for its first course to commence in 2020.

Advantages -

1 - “Charles Darwin University” already has an Administrative section that can set up and administer another campus within the Northern Territory.

2 - “Charles Darwin University” could develop the new campus as a live in one for overseas students as well as for local students.

3 - Creating a new campus would create a considerable number of jobs within the Northern Territory and create new jobs to attract staff to the Northern Territory.

4 - The “Inpex Construction Camp, Howard Springs” has many living quarters which could be used for live in students, staff etc.

5 - The “Inpex Construction Camp, Howard Springs” has many facilities such as - reception area, administration offices, theater, shop, dining room, recreation room, leisure facilities, gym, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball court, swimming pool, practice / training area, that could be used by live in students, staff etc.

6 - The “Inpex Construction Camp, Howard Springs” has many buildings some of which with minor modifications could be converted to lecture rooms without a large expenditure.

7 - Surely if the “Charles Darwin University” was to receive such a grant as this it would decrease the need for additional funds into the future as it would create income from overseas students.

8 - Such a creation of a new large “University Campus” must be a great boost to education within the Northern Territory.

9 - Such a use as this would assist the Northern Territory Government with its future budgets.

10 - Northern Territory to gain prestige with a much larger University.

11 - Site is close to the main Northern Territory highway for access.

12 - Such a boost to Darwin & Northern Territory must be a welcome to a growing and thriving Northern Australia.

For your consideration and the future of the Northern Territory.

Victor O'Donnell, Resident Humpty Doo

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by: Anne Hayward

Victor O’Donnell’s letter on Tuesday 17th was a brilliant idea. A new CDU Campus at Howard Springs would provide a central facility bringing together both the Darwin and rural areas into a special iconic facility.

It would highlight the often forgotten Howard Springs area. Its placement at the very doorway to the rural and regional areas would benefit international and local future students, not to mention local employment, education and tourism from the international students.

This crosses multiple portfolios, so, please, all politicians and decision makers, your constituents will have read Vic’s proposal, so let use an existing facility and have a CDU Campus at Howard Springs!

Anne Hayward

Don't demolish, instead Change Workers Camp to us able Facility
by: Anonymous

Mr Vic O'Donnell has great foresight and has encapsulated an economic way for Charles Darwin University to expand at little or no cost to the Taxpayer. It is a very solid idea with merit and the NT Government would be doing something to benefit the international, interstate or remote students as well as the greater Darwin community without creating massive debt for
Territorian taxpayers. I call the on the NT Government to take up this idea, flesh it out and make it happen. This would create jobs and boost the economy and help the Darwin population stabilise, rather than decrease because people move for education and for work.

Concerned taxpayer.

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