Lake Alexander

Lake Alexander located on Darwin East Point road provides free swimming and playground facilities, with a safe beach, bike tracks, BBQ and picnic areas.

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The lake is divided into swimming and sports areas, so swimmers are safe from the kyaks, sailboats and other water sports.

While the popular Fannie Bay beach next door is only safe for swimming during the dry season, this is safe all year round. lake Alexander beach and swimming area
Lake beach and swimming area.
Shady green grass makes a pleasant place to enjoy the scenery.

If you look closely you can see a swimmer out near a row of white buoys which mark the edge of the swimming area.
Lake Alexander swimmer stays within the swimming area
Lake Alexander shaded childrens playground

Shady Palm trees and picnic facilities with free BBQ's make this an ideal childrens playground.
Lake Alexander shady trees and tables

Lake Alexander Coucil sign

The area is cleaned and maintained by the Darwin City Council with free parking, public toilets and a few rules to keep it a safe place the whole family can enjoy.

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