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More Security For Retailers

by Faye

I am a manager for one of the stores in Smith Street Mall. I have worked here for a year now and what I have noticed to be a big issue is the lack of policing and security in the area. There are too many thefts that occur and when you call the police they tend to show up an hour later, missing any chance of catching the shoplifters.

Last week (3/3/15) one of my team members was assaulted by a thief, just for asking them to give back what they were trying to steal. We called the police and they turned up an hour afterwards. The Thief/assaulter got away. My team member gave a statement and a good description and we were told to contact the police if we saw her in the area again. The next day we did see her again. We contacted the station at the Mitchell centre immediately, but again the police did not turn up, until two hours after we called, they drove into the mall, turned around and drove back out. They didn't contact my team member or the store.

On the Friday (6/3/15) I saw the girl in the area, and again called the police, who did not even bother to show up. All of the staff at my store now feel unsafe to be on our own even for five minutes, because if something were to happen again nothing would be done. I feel as though there should be police in the mall so that if you catch a thief and they run off you can shout to the nearest policeman/policewoman and they can catch them. I understand that there are more important calls than theft, however when someone is assaulted it changes the situation completely.
I am worried about leaving my team members for two minutes whilst I run to the bathroom! I think we need action. I would like to start a petition to have more security and/or policing in the Smith Street Mall, my only problem is I'm not entirely sure how to go about it. If someone could help me it would be much appreciated.

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