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My daily run... Now, my daily memory..

by Casey Wells

Ever since i was young, i loved christmas. All the presents and family gatherings and being able to enjoy the christmas meaning. But then cyclone tracy changed everything...

I woke up christmas morning just waiting to see my family and to open my presents. I was so excited to see my cousins that i only get to see very few times a year.
Mum and my brother went shopping for food, my dad working in the shed and me setting up the table outside for the perfect christmas day. Mum and my brother returned home with all the food and drinks. Mum cooked while i was still setting up. Mum finally cooked the food and i had already finished setting the table. A little while later we recieved a phone call. I heard my mum crying, so i asked her whats wrong and as i asked dad came in asking when are they coming. Mum just turned and said their not coming. We all stood for a second only to think why would they change their mind, then mum hit us with the terrible news. We went quiet for an hour or two. We didnt know what to do.

Its been 34 years now and Christmas day isnt ever how it used to be. When we get together, we all have a minute silence for those who died. We then cook the same meal as we did on that day. We are greatfull for having the people we love with us now.

As i finish id just like to share with you, this story did not happen to me. I wrote it because this happened to one of my mums friends, who had never been the same. She recently passed away from cancer. So im sharing her story. I wont say her name due to privacy.
But even though it didnt happen to me, my family and i, on christmas day have a minute silence.
I live my days wishing for the best and waitng for the worst.

My story has finally ended...
Regards, Casey Wells . My age- 15.

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