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New to Darwin

by Edward

Newly moved to Darwin and really finding it hard to find things to like about Darwin.

It seems the smoking laws are different to all over Australia or they are not enforced, why do you have to walk through smoke when entering a building, people smoke everywhere here. Can you tell me where it states that you cannot ride a bicycle in the Mall, I have not seen a sign that states that.

Whilst the CBD of Darwin is clean and tidy there is no incentive for home owners or businesses to be clean and tidy or proud of their surroundings. There is so much rubbish always on the streets, gutters and in peoples yards. Why are they not compelled to clean up. The streets could all do with a good street sweeping, does Darwin operate a street sweeping system, the streets and gutters are always full of rubbish. And why not sweep the bike paths, cause they are full of broken glass. In a sentence, I do not know how Darwin could ever win a 'Tidy City' contest. For all the powers that be it appears people are collecting their salaries and turning a blind eye, really how can you accept the state of Darwin...
Just concerned, you want investment in this state, how about you spend some cash and clean the place up..

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Yes, they do
by: Awoken

There are street sweepers out there in the CBD EVERY MORNING, I know this because it wakes me up every morning. In addition to this, the parks are cleaned daily too.

In addition to this, there's a weekly cleanup with compressors, water and such.

The itinerants make a mess daily. I have seen them just casually smash glass on the ground (usually daily), throw rubbish over their shoulder (daily).. They don't care. When you get rid of that problem, the CBD will be cleaner.

Remember Darwin is not a big city with the resources of say, Melbourne and Sydney.

Time to move.....
by: Anonymous

a street sweeper cleans my street at least once a week, and if you dont like Darwin maybe its time to move, I have heard you either love it or bag it out............

As a new comer got surprised and disagree about the above experiences !
by: Dilshana

I am also new in Darwin ! Frankly speaking I am bit surprised about his comments ! First thing strike me about the community I leave its quite and cleanliness! Darwin is full of natural beauty so sometimes grass and dead leaves is the part of its nature, thats all ! I never find anything to complain about specially in terms of cleanliness !

A Taker not a Doer.
by: Vic a world traveller

Where did he come from - certainly not this world.

I bet this complainer lives in a pig stye.

What has this person ever done for a community ?

Get out and do something don't just complain.

Has he ever worked - obviously - NO

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