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Someone that still looks oky.

by deano
(wont say)

I will give you some VERY important information that will allow you to live on the streets and be safe and healthy.

I have been living on the streets for 12 years now and still am doing it. Social security and being single are the major 2 factors as to why you homeless and then of course there is the obvious NO FAMILY HELP. If you can't have a good friend at some time,and you have no family member that will help you usually by way of a roof over your head, you mUST stop and think and know you are all on your own.

This is reality. The answer to getting of the streets and back into a good life style is WORK and we all say yes there is no work or I cant.

My personal excuse is police fed's hate me and have done things to me for 15 years now and what ever I achieve they destroy behind the screen's they breach all human rights in doing so also, our AFP are a very bad lot at management level, you could have police problems also.

Number 1 rule KEEP to yourself if you are male from other males, other wise you will get into trouble me on this,,one thing will lead to another then JAIL.
Finding a women is hard being on street knocks out dates and so forth due to lack of money.

Number 2 rule its okay to stay in hostels for SHORT periods of time, but these days they're run like a business and want your centerlink income. You can eat there for a week and look around for a crash place. Now crash sleeping place,,,,,find somewhere NOT a disused house,,,,,but say a business that you can squeeze into hopefully have cover over you at night, leave early morning bye 6 or 7 am and don't go there until 6 pm daily. If a security guard catches you,, move on and be nice they wont want anything but for you to move on.
As for food we are mice in a experiment in this country mental health,,,afp and police constantly SPIKE the food at free food places and hostel's.with all types of chemical's,,mostly they are ANTI SEX drug's to make sure you aint walking around looking for a women. BUT also t of it erodes your body fat also you will lose weight quickly. So find out what days you can go to coles and buy your own and what days and where you can eat,,and PICK AND CHOOSE your way through the food.

COFFEE and TEE is nearly always spiked at all these places by them,,Trust me test it,,pour a black coffee and then look at it in the sunlight to see the liquid floating on top of the coffee, or SMELL it.these 2 factors will assure you your coffee has something in it and NOn of it any good for you.

I personally get the coffee and sugar there DRY and take it to macdonalds ans buy or ask for water then add it,,,great way to stay away from it.

GOOD LUCK and I hope that job comes along and more important it lasts longer than 3 months for you,it will take you 1 month just to get back on your feet.

If your gambling,,only bet on sport with a 2 way chance of wining or losing,,,horses, casino and pokies are rigged badly these days they will get you every time.
BUT I know its all about being bored and doing something about it when you have some money I'm no fool. I hope I have helped you.....ALSO move states every 2 years because you would have used all of your help centres by then and start fresh and try again.

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