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Trebble Brushing Tracy, Larry and Yasi.

by Garry Roberts
(Watsonville FNQ)

I did not have a dictionary at hand as a result I didn't clear the word IMMINENT which the ABC kept using about a Cyclone called Tracy just north of darwin. So my girlfriend went out for a few Xmas drinks at a friends place in Alawa. The mood was down a bit due to increasing wind. About 11pm we went home to check on our home in Rapid Creek. We were one house lot from the creek in Waters Street. Driving back there were branches across the road and the man on the with the sceeming siren once again used the word imminent.

We went upstairs in our stilted home and discussed what we should do. By now the wind was starting to howl and the front would not stay closed, to solve the problem we stacked heavy furniture and a sofa across the room using the rear wall to hold the front door closed.

At this time I decided to call my brother in Adelaide. The phone rang twice a voice then nothing, the power and phone went at the same time.

The wind intensity continued to increase so we made the bathroom a little more comfortable, with a couple of candles pillows and extra towels.

now it starts to get scary... to be continued

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