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Unforgetable christmas

On Christmas eve we had returned from a ESU (now Power and Water) Christmas party. The family were coming to our house in Wagaman for Christmas day. Kids in bed early and started to prepare for the next day.

The rain and wind getting heavy. My aunty Pauline Villaflor/Shower called over we decided to cancel midnight mass. About 11pm decided to get everyone under the table including the dog.

Our roof started lifting we could see the lighting. Thinking it was only our home getting water through as day break came it was unbelievable to see our house was still standing and most of the other homes flattened.
The next few hours were terrible wondering if anyone knows we need help in Darwin, thinking about my mum Marcia villaflor/Birch is she alive and had just move into a upstairs house in Walagi. It took John two hours from Wagaman to Wanguri to find my mum only the floor boards were left on the 6 month old house. They had sheltered downstairs in her car.

Dead bodies were being stored first at the post office than in coles freezer we were told.Badly injured, sick and babies were first to fly out, than senior and mothers with young children.

We had to go to the nearest school and wait your turn to go to the airport in buses. The army was at the schools. At the airport the salvos were already set up to help. Finally on our way to the plane all the children hot tired and cranky mothers emotions running high.

Arriving in Sydney was something I will never forget. Australia had pulled together to greet us with medical help, clothes and transport to where we needed to go.

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