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Wanguri Street Names

Wanguri Street names provide a record of many of the early pioneers of Darwin, and many of the family names are familiar to Darwin residents as some of the most prominent families in the Territory today.

The suburb takes it name from the Dangu aboriginal tribe, originally from the Cape Arnhem, Melville Bay, Port Bradshaw area. Most of these people now live at Yirrkala 18 km from the mining town of Nhulunbuy.

Wanguri Shopping CentreWanguri Shopping Centre
A small Wanguri Public GardenA small Wanguri Public Garden

The residential areas of Wanguri have lots of green spaces and parks, especially around the Primary School and small shopping centre.

The border streets near Casuarina Shopping Centre- Trower Road and Vanderlin Drive - are quite different with retailers, offices, medical facilities and churches and a mosque.

Origin of Wanguri Street Names

Wanguri Street Names Origin of Wanguri Street Names
AllWright Street Henry and Agnes Allwright came to the NT in 1873, working first on the railway to Pine Creek and later on the mines in Union Reef .
Aubrey Street Named after George Aubrey Patten Brown, a surveyor who did extensive work in the NT from 1912 to 1918.
Canaris Street Michael Canaris was an early resident who cane from Greece in 1920. He worked in the Vesty's Meatworks and died in Darwin in 1959.
Cubillo Street John Roque Cubillo was killed in a Japanese Bombing raid in 1942, leaving his wife Mrs Louise Cubillo with a family of nine children to support. Mrs Cubillo was born in Darwin on 16th February 1902.
Dioctitus Street Named after Constantinos Dioctitus, an easrly resident who came to Darwin from the Greek Islands in 1913 and died on 14th March 1949.
Fong Street Named after Albert Fong a business man of Darwin and President of the Chung Wah Society.
Gsell Street Francis Xavier Gsell, a native of Strasbourg, who served as a priest on Bathurst Island from 1911 and as Bishop of Darwin from 1938 to 1949.
Haritos Street Mrs Helen Haritos who came to Darwin from Greece in 1916.
Harmanis Street Asinina Harmarmis, another early resident who came to Darwin From Greece in 1916
Henbury Avenue After Henbury Station in Central Australia which was leased by Parke and Walker ai 1877. The Station was named after Henbury Hall in Dorset.
Kailis Street Evangelia and Kyriakos Kailis were early settlers in the Darwin area in the pre-war era.
Katoope Street After Mrs Crissie Katoope another early resident who came to Darwin from Greece in 1918.
Lee Point Road. Named after Lee Point, one of the features marking the entrance to Port Darwin and appearing on G W Goyders plan of the Port in 1869
Lyons Street John William Lyons a prominent pre-war layer who served as Mayor of Darwin in 1958/9 and Member of the Legislative Council from 1963-68.
Margaritis Street Evangelia and Goerge Margaritis who settled in Darwin after World War 1 and worked on the wharf.
Martina Street After Martina, the first aboriginal girl that Bishop Gsell rescued from tribal 'marriage' by 'buying' her as his wife.
Mazlin Street Sydney Thomas Mazlin was a builder who came to Darwin before WW11 and was responsible for the design and construction of many of Darwin's older buildings.
Perez Street After Michael Perez who was born in Darwin in 1924 and joined the R.A.A.F. and was killed while flying a Lancaster Bomber over Belgium on 6th January 1942.
Sarib Street Named after Thomas Sarib who spent over 70 years in Darwin before his death at the age of 96 in 1968. During his year in the Territory he worked onpearling luggers and coastal trading boats.
Strele Crescent Father Anthony Strele who fpunded a Jesuit Mission at Rapid Creek in 1882 which was later abandoned. In 1886 he founded another mission at Daly River . He died in 1897.
Taifalos Street Als named after early residents of Darwin, George and Amerisa Taifalos. George worked on the railway and died in 1958.
Tambling Terrace After Alfred Tambling M.B.E. who came to the Territory to teach for one year in 1925 and stayed for 45 years. He earned fame as the Swagman teacher by moving aroundisolated communitiesto bring education to children of the camps.
Trower Road Horace M Trower, appointed Chief Lands Officer and Director of Lands for the Northern Territory 1917-21
Vanderlin Drive After Cornelius Van Der Lyn, a member of the Council of Batavia who had sponsored the expeditions of Dutch navigator Abel Tasman. Vanderlin Island and Cape Vanderlin were named by Abel Tasman, April 1644
Wanguri Place
Wanguri Terrace
After the Aboriginal tribe that lends it's name to the suburb
Weedon Place Arthur Charles Weedon who came to the Territory as a building constructor in 1934 to build the Katherine Hospital and other Darwin buildings.

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