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we caught a cook!!

by Leeza
(Gold Coast,Qld.Australia.)

Hi Keith, it's been many years since we had a tie up. I used to work with Jim & Debbie Munro on the Bountiful pearl as well as their other boats.
Anyway one year B4 the banana season started i went upto Indonesia with Beaky on the Bootlegger. I got a bad carbunkle on my calf muscle & had to get a lift into Gove with Freckel & Leanne.

They went off on holidays & Spurdog came up to take the boat back to finish the fishing trip. On arrival off the coast LAT 8 degree line of Irian Jaya, at the grounds, I helped the crew put the gear out, they were adjusting the try gear so I went in for a cuppa.
Next thing Spurdog came down the stairs & asked me to help them on the deck, ( I'm thinking to myself cant these guys do anything!!)

Then Spurdog tells me that they have a cook in the nets!! We had been past her 3 times & she swam to the boards grabed the board rope & came along side the boat. I asked her what the F**** she was doing in the water?? She said that she had fallen in the drink around midnight and had been trying to get back to her boat.

I then radioed her boat to ask Hilton where his cook was!! "In her cabin", was his answer. I think you better have a look! He then came back with "I don't know". I replied that we had just pulled her out of the water where she had been for the last 8 1/2 hours.

Within 10 minutes of pulling her out of the water this tempest came rolling in & you could hardly see the anchor winch 10 feet in front of the wheelhouse. She sure was one lucky pommy backpacker."
I know that the pommy's swim the English Channel, but the Auria Sea:- COME ON!! we sugested that she buy herself a lottery ticket when she hit port, & thank her lucky stars that we found her & not one of those International fishing vessels (prawn trawlers).
Leeza .

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Gap year back packing and fishing stories
by: Mark the Pom deckhand

This was a surprise finding this article, 26 years on sitting in my office in London. I well remember this incident, it was during the tiger prawn season of 1989. I was a deckhand on the Bootlegger with Beaky(Skipper) Leanne(Cookie),
Spike(Engineer) Graham(Mate) Carl (deckhand) and me Mark the pommy back packer deckhand.
I have told this and a good many other stories over the years of the six months I spent on the Bootlegger that year. We had been fishing down the west coast during the closed season before the tiger season started. I also remember Stella Maris pub at Darwin Harbour and the wild night we had before the fishing fleet sailed for the Gulf for the August 1st season start.(closest thing I have seen to the wild west)happy days and what an adventure for a London lad.

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