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NTFL Games 2017/18

Since March 2020 life as we know it has changed due to COVID-19

For the latest information see the  Secure NT website   and   NT Steps to the New Normal 

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NTFL games scheduled for the 2017 - 2018 season. The Darwin football season runs from October to March while the southern states are in recess, allowing you to enjoy Australian Rules Football all year round.

Teams in the Darwin AFL - (NTFL
Northern Territory Football League)

NTFL Ladder

Games schedule for NTFL Women here.

NTFL Fixture 2017 & 2018
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2018 Finals 

2018 Grand Final has been postponed to Wednesday due to cyclone Marcus.

Date Teams Venue Time
Elimination Final
Saturday 24/02/18 St Marys v Tiwi Bombers
15.5(105) v 7.11(53)
TIO Stadium 4.30pm
Qualifying Final
Saturday 24/02/18 Nightcliff v Buffaloes
13.10(88) v 15.12(102)
TIO Stadium 7.00pm
First Semi Final
Saturday 3/03/18 Nightcliff v St Marys
11.10(76) v 7.10(52)
TIO Stadium 4.30pm
Second Semi Final
Saturday 3/03/18 Southern Dist. v Darwin Buffaloes
10.8(68) v 13.10(88)
TIO Stadium 7.00pm
Preliminary Final
Saturday 10/03/18 Southern Dist. v Nightcliff
14.17(101) v 10.7(67)
TIO Stadium 7.00pm
Grand Final
Wed 21/03/18 Darwin Buffaloes v Southern Dist.
13.7(85) v 13.8(86)
TIO Stadium 6.05pm

Date Teams Venue Time
Round 1
Friday 6/10/17 Wanderers v Palmerston
12.17(89) v 11.11(77)
Asbuild Oval 7.30pm
Saturday 7/10/17 Tiwi Bombers v Southern Dist
9.7(61) v 22.17(149)
TIO Stadium 1.00pm
Saturday 7/10/17Nightcliff v St Marys
21.7(133) v 6.17(53)
TIO Stadium 4.00pm
Sunday 8/10/17Buffaloes v Waratah
12.8(80) v 10.9(69)
TIO Stadium 5:00pm
Round 2
Friday 13/10/17 Palmerston v Southern Dist.
11.5(71) v 16.15(111)
Asbuild Oval 7.30pm
Saturday 14/10/17 Tiwi Bombers v Nightcliff
13.8(86) v 15.12(102)
TIO Stadium 1.00pm
Saturday 14/10/17Buffaloes v St Marys
11.13(79) v 9.11(65)
TIO Stadium 4.00pm
Sunday 15/10/17Wanderers v Waratah
12.9(81) v 6.5(41)
TIO Stadium 4:00pm
Round 3
Friday 20/10/17 Nightcliff v Wanderers
11.8(74) v 5.11(41)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 21/10/17 Buffaloes v Tiwi Bombers
15.16(106) v 18.10(118)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 21/10/17Palmerston v Waratah
6.12(48) v 11.9(75)
TIO Stadium 5.00pm
Sunday 22/10/17Southern Dist v St Marys
14.12(96) v 8.5(53)
Norbuilt Oval 4:00pm
Round 4
Friday 27/10/17 Bulffaloes v Palmerston
7.9(51) v 8.13(61)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 28/10/17 Wanderers v Tiwi Bombers
16.13(109) v 12.9(81)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 28/10/17St Marys v Waratah
14.16(100) v 3.7(27)
TIO Stadium 5.00pm
Sunday 29/10/17Nightcliff v Southern Dist.
4.7(31) v 10.9(69)
PSC BM Oval 4:00pm
Round 5
Friday 3/11/17 Wanderers v St Marys
13.7(85) v 13.11(89)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 4/11/17 Nightcliff v Waratah
7.9(51) v 12.6(78)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 4/11/17 Tiwi Bombers v Palmerston
23.18(156) v 14.10(94)
Tiwi Oval 2.00pm
Saturday 4/11/17Southern Dist v Buffaloes
19.17(131) v 2.6(18)
TIO Stadium 5:00pm
Round 6
Friday 10/11/17 Palmerston v Wanderers
14.10(94) v 18.7(115)
Asbuild Oval 7.30pm
Saturday 11/11/17 Southern Dist. v Tiwi Bombers
21.17(143) v 10.6(66)
Norbuilt Oval 2.00pm
Saturday 11/11/17Nightcliff v St Marys
9.10(64) v 8.13(61)
PSC BM Oval 4.00pm
Sunday 12/11/17Waratah v Buffaloes
7.16(58) v 11.13(79)
Gardens Oval 4:00pm
Round 7
Saturday 18/11/17 Tiwi Bombers v Waratah
20.8(128) v 15.8(98)
Gardens Oval 2.00pm
Saturday 18/11/17 Palmerston v St Marys
9.11(65) v 14.14(98)
Asbuild Oval 5.00pm
Sunday 19/11/17Wanderers v Southern Dist
6.11(47) v 10.10(70)
Norbuilt Oval 4.00pm
Sunday 19/11/17Nightcliff v Buffaloes
12.16(88) v 2.9(21)
PSC BM Oval 4.00pm
Round 8
Friday 24/11/17 Southern Dist v Palmerston
14.17(101) v 7.4(46)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 25/11/17 Tiwi Bombers v Nightcliff
10.6(66) v 12.7(79)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 25/11/17Buffaloes v St Marys
8.8(56) v 21.11(137)
TIO Stadium 5.00pm
Sunday 26/11/17Waratah v Wanderers
16.23(119) v 7.2(44)
Gardens Oval 4:00pm
Round 9
Friday 1/12/17 Waratah v Southern Dist.
9.6(60) v 7.13(55)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 2/12/17 Tiwi Bombers v St Marys
18.10(118) v 22.13(145)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 2/12/17Buffaloes v Wanderers
19.9(123) v 9.4(58)
TIO Stadium 5.00pm
Sunday 3/12/17Nightcliff v Palmerston
19.16(130) v 10.5(65)
PSC BM Oval 4:00pm
Round 10
Saturday 9/12/17 St Marys v Southern Dist.
8.10(58) v 11.7(73)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 9/12/17 Tiwi Bombers v Buffaloes
11.12(78) v 17.18(120)
Tiwi Oval 1.30pm
Saturday 9/12/17Waratah v Palmerston
9.9(63) v 10.3(63)
TIO Stadium 5.00pm
Sunday 10/12/17Nightcliff v Wanderers
21.11(137) v 3.8(26)
PSC BM Oval 4:00pm
Round 11
Saturday 16/12/17 Buffaloes v Palmerston
18.16(124) v 12.8(80)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 16/12/17 Tiwi Bombers v Wanderers
12.13(85) v 11.19(85)
Tiwi Oval 2.00pm
Saturday 16/12/17Waratah v St Marys
9.16(70) v 8.3(51)
TIO Stadium 5.00pm
Sunday 17/12/17Southern Dist v Nightcliff
16.2(98) v 5.8(38)
Norbuilt Oval 4:00pm

Christmas Break

Date Teams Venue Time
Round 12
Saturday 6/01/18 St Marys v Tiwi Bombers
11.11(77) v 22.10(142)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 6/01/18 Wanderers v Buffaloes
9.11(65) v 10.11(71)
TIO Stadium 5.05pm
Sunday 7/01/18Palmerston v Nightcliff
6.3939) v 10.7967)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Sunday 7/01/18Southern Dist. v Waratah
15.8(98) v 12.5(77)
TIO Stadium 5:00pm
Round 13
Friday 12/01/18 Wanderers v St Marys
11.7(73)v 13.5(83)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 13/01/18 Tiwi Bombers v Palmerston
21.13(139) v 9.5(59)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 13/01/18Buffaloes v Southern Dist.
5.2(32) v 17.12(114)
TIO Stadium 5.05pm
Sunday 14/01/18Waratah v Nightcliff
12.6(78) v 10.5(65)
gardens Oval 4:00pm
Round 14
Friday 19/01/18 Nightcliff v Southern Dist.
game washed out
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 20/01/18 Wanderers v Tiwi Bombers
8.13(61) v 17.13(115)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 20/01/18Buffaloes v Palmerston
12.11(83) v 5.10(40)
Asbuild Oval 5.05pm
Saturday 20/01/18Waratah v St Marys
9.7(61) v 16.11(107)
TIO Stadium 5.05pm
Round 15
Thursday 25/01/18 Buffaloes v St Marys
6.6(42) v 5.17(47)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Friday 26/01/18 Waratah v Wanderers
15.5(95) v 6.11(47)
Gardens Oval 4.00pm
Friday 26/01/18Palmerston v Southern Dist.
1.1(7) v 15.11(101)
Norbuild Oval 4.00pm
Saturday 27/01/18Nightcliff v Tiwi Bombers
10.11(71) v 13.11(89)
Tracy Village 2:00pm
Round 16
Saturday 3/02/18 St Marys v Nightcliff
4.9(33) v 10.9(69)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 3/02/18 Tiwi Bombers v Southern Dist.
16.9(105) v 18.8(116)
Tiwi Oval 2.00pm
Saturday 3/02/18Buffaloes v Waratah
8.8(56) v 6.6(42)
TIO Stadium 5.05pm
Sunday 4/02/18Palmerston v Wanderers
5.7(37) v 12.9(81)
Asbuild Oval 4:00pm
Round 17
Friday 9/02/18 Nightcliff v Palmerston
12.10(82) v 2.4(16)
TIO Stadium 7.30pm
Saturday 10/02/18 St Marys v Tiwi Bombers
12.18(90)v 7.5(47)
TIO Stadium 2.00pm
Saturday 10/02/18Wanderers v Buffaloes
4.5(29) v 15.10(100)
TIO Stadium 5.05pm
Sunday 11/02/18Southern Dist v Waratah
16.11(107) v 16.8(104)
Gardens Oval 4:00pm
Round 18
Saturday 17/02/18 Tiwi Bombers v Waratah
15.7(97) v 6.10(46)
Tracy Village 2.00pm
Saturday 17/02/18 Palmerston v St Marys
7.7(49) v 23.20(158)
Ashbuild Oval 4.00pm
Saturday 17/02/18Wanderers v Southern Dist.
4.3(27) v 15.16(106)
Norbuilt 4.00pm
Saturday 17/02/18Nightcliff v Buffaloes
4.7(31) v 5.12(42)
PSC BM Oval 4.00pm


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