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Cyclone Tracy Stories

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Many of the Cyclone Tracy Stories we receive are obviously written simply because Cyclone Tracy has had a powerful influence on all Australians - even those who were never in Darwin in 1974.

A visit to the Cyclone Tracy Exhibition at the Darwin Museum is still an emotional journey for many people at the realization of just how frightening and powerful Tracy was.

This year power transmission equipment failures left around 15,000 people in Darwin without electricity for as long as 10-12 hours. In this hot, humid climate a power failure is at best uncomfortable and can become serious quickly, with no refrigeration or air conditioning.

It was a powerful reminder of how vulnerable a modern city is to even a small cyclone (like Helen in January 2008), let alone a level 5 category cyclone like Tracy.

The photo below shows some of the trees that were blown over by Cyclone Marcus in 2018. It was only a category 2 storm, but still did considerable damage.

damaged trees collected after cyclone MarcusAcres of damaged trees collected after Cyclone Marcus

Cyclone Tracy Stories

If you want to write a story about Cyclone Tracy and have it published on the net, this is the place to do it!

If your story exceeds 150 words it will be published on it's own web page and added to the list below. If it is shorter, it will be added to the "Short Stories" page below.

Cyclone Tracy Stories

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A story I will never forget 
I was only 7 when Cyclone Tracy stuck and I will never forget it. I'd already been in other cylones, so when we got the warning we didn't think anything …

I was 13 years old when Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin I will never forget the impact it had on myself and the rest of the family we all have different memories …

My family risked their lives for me 
I had gone to Darwin for my mothers wedding on the 25th of December 1974 (christmas eve) we were celerbrating the marriage we invited friends and family.The …

In the aftermath of Tracy 
I was enjoying my Christmas break on the banks of the Macquarie River in Dubbo when a local constable called "Are you Sgt Ryan?" I thought he must have …

Cyclone Tracy 
I had just fallen asleep when i heard a whole lot of people screaming, i was very scared. i jumped out of bed and ran to my children's room to tell them …

My Baby Tracy. 
I remember Cyclone Tracy like it was just yesterday. It was totally unexpected.The winds were rapid, The rain was brutal and the damage of property. When …

Steve Williams 
I was only a little over ten years of age when I was told of a cyclone heading towards Darwin on Christmas day 1974. I can clearly remember my father …

Darwin-Christmas Eve 
It was Christmas Eve 1974. I was the oldest of 4 children only 8 years old. My parents did the European celebration opening our presents Christmas Eve. …

For the memory of my children 
I arrived in Darwin in the middle of July 1974, I was with my two children (3 and 6 years old) and I was six months pregnant. My husband had just died …

Christmas Day 1974 
Christmas Day 1974 promised to be a very exciting and happy one. I was 11 at the time and my family and I had just moved back to Melbourne from New Zealand …

my experience with a cyclone 
omg how can i explain the experience i went through.. well it all started on Christmas eve and i was sitting in my room on my lap top, i was talking to …

the terrifying winds  
i was having a peaceful day listening to the radio when it happened. the anouncer told us that tracy had turned and was heading straight for us.i grabbed …

Christmas Memories 
I was not there. I was safely tucked up at my aunt's house in Sydney. It was my first Christmas in Australia, having arrived in the October from the UK …

well i was just about to brush my teeth when i heard a knock at my door. I went to go answer it and i felt a strong gust of wind through the door. It was …

The Devastation 
It started one morning and i forgot my lunch for school and i was starveing all day i had no food and when i got home i was skin and bones so thats my …

You are a hero Not rated yet
I sat by my window wondering when the outskirts of cyclone Tracy would hit this is a horrific event with devistating consiquences. For everyone one who …

Cyclone Tracy truly blew me away Not rated yet
Being only 10 when this happened I was extremely terrified! I was the only member of my family that survived, my father had died earlier that year leaving …

‘Crazy Tracy changed our life path’ Not rated yet
‘Crazy Tracy changed our life path’ “Is there anyone in there?” “Is everyone ok?” – the words echoed in my head as we heard someone calling out as …

A Big Wind is Coming Not rated yet
That day n night will be etched in my memory for ever. to this day I hate big storms and can't stand wind and rain on my face. I was 9 and we lived in …

My Mother Louise the unforgotten Hero with Many Others Not rated yet
When I look at it and it has taken me many years to talk about a lot off things regarding Tracy.This is the first off many stories I will share. There …

Coming up to the 40Th Anniversary of Cyclone Tracy Not rated yet
Hi my name is Brian Graham I went thru Cyclone Tracy as a 10 year old boy and our father Mr Donald Hoff was killed in the Cyclone!. This December 20th …

My Horrible story Not rated yet
I was alone with my 2 kids. They were 7 year old twins and did everything together. My X wife wasn't here because she had died at childbirth. We were …

My sad story Not rated yet
I was 8 years old when cyclone Tracy hit Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974. My family and I lived on the RAAF Base in Cooradilla Street. I remember my mother …

I Wish I Could Have Helped Not rated yet
I wish I could have been alive to help those in need during the after effects of cyclone Tracy my heart goes out to all those whose lives were destroyed …

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Living Working Dying Not rated yet
My cousins husband was living and working in Darwin. We got word that he died as a result of injuries he sustained when Cyclone Tracy hit. The strange …

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Cyclone Tracy

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